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We start with a street map (we have mapped every street from 59th to 88th on the Upper West Side of New York City) and identified restaurants, bars, specialty shops (like chocolate shops, hmmm, chocolate) and specialty stores (like gourmet foods and wine shops, hmmm, wine.) Not having a detailed map showing every restaurant in the area has troubled us for years.

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Wikipedia's Upper West Side

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http://www.worldofgoodinc.com West 75th Street Block Association
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Architecture for Humanity
Landmark West
Bank Street College of Education


In-home wine tastings by Nancy's Wines

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"What a fantastic web site. I had been looking on the web for an UWS guide... I love it. Even after living here over 15 years it's nice to see a site showing all the new places that continue to open up around here."


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World Food History
The first restaurant was the Champ d'Oiseau, opening in 1765 in Paris. Meals had been served in taverns, hostelries, inns, and coffeehouses - but this was the first restaurant where one could order off a menu. A. Boulanger, a soup vendor, had a sign above his door that advertised restoratives, or restaurants, referring to the soups and broths available within. The institution took its name from that sign, and "restaurant" now denotes a public eating place in many languages.